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The 2021 Ministry Budget is officially accepted before the church after voting was completed on January 3! Now, the good work begins as we move forward with continuing the search for a pastor to lead our next generation ministries (kids and youth), and begin to recover simpler and stronger than before. The task ahead requires all of us! Please consider how you and your family will pray, give (visit Perkinsville.org/give), and serve in 2021. More information will be coming your way soon. Until then, let us thank God for his goodness and graciousness to us through this past year as we look ahead with great anticipation and joy!

- Pastor Seth


Out of 106 online ballots cast, 92.5% were in favor of the budget as presented. If you still have questions or need clarity on the budget, please fill out the quick form below!

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The Big Budget Goals

1. Recover simpler and stronger than we were before.

2. Reinforce the work of next generation college, youth, and kids' ministries.