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Kingdom or Career?

For most of your life those around you have challenged you to follow the American Dream of black ties, white fences and salary packages. Yet, chasing after a career is never going to fulfill you. At the Church at Perkinsville we believe your fulfillment comes in chasing after God’s Kingdom and pursuing His calling. Giving your life away not to a company but to Christ. We are honored to equip and commission you for what the Kingdom of God has in store for your life. We can promise you that there is no greater joy than giving your life away for the Kingdom of God. 

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Church in the Harvest
The Church at Perkinsville

Church in the Harvest exists to train, equip, and mobilize missionaries on the college campus and to the ends of the earth.


Every fall, a record number of college students arrive on campus at Appalachian State University from all over the state, country and even the world. Currently only 5% of the population at Appalachian State claims Christ as their Lord and Master. The harvest is plentiful, the brokenness is rampant and yet the hope of the gospel is going forth. The Church in the harvest meets weekly to train, equip and mobilize students into the darkness surrounding them. Students are equipped with tools to share Christ with their peers and disciple those that come to faith in Jesus. 

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The Church at Perkinsville exists to prepare the people of God for the work and glory of God.


College Students that fall in love with the local church cannot help but serve it in some capacity. Here at Perkinsville we believe that God gifts each person in ways that value and bless the Church. We are confident that during your four or more years, God has mighty plans for you here.  We desire that you plant roots within the local church and make Perkinsville home. Students will find a sweet community within the places that they serve. They will be mentored, challenged, changed and encouraged by those they serve and those who serve alongside them. Students are offered a variety of ways to serve in a multigenerational context. Whether that is through nursery, Children’s Sunday School, Awana, ESL, Youth Ministry, Women’s or Men’s Ministry. 


If you are not invested in the local church you may feel disconnected and stunted in your growth. When you seek ways to serve, in areas where you feel God has gifted you, it will allow you to flourish both in your giftings and in your walk with Christ, for the benefit of the body and the glory of God. 

The Call to the Kingdom

The call to Kingdom work exists to provide an alternative to the pursuit of self and success and in its place offers the cross.


We believe God has called you to surrender your life to the Kingdom of God. Throughout your time at Perkinsville you will serve at King's Hill Church, a church plant in the heart of Boston. Our prayer is that His Spirit will lead you to become a next generation Church planter to Boston or other cities filled with vast populations of lostness. In Acts Paul proclaimed to the church at Ephesus that he didnot account his life of any value nor as precious to himself, if only he may finish his course and the ministry that he received from the Lord Jesus, to testify to the gospel of the grace of God. This is our prayer for every student that graduates from Appalachian State University. May you live your life not for your career but the calling of God.