Join the church. Be the church.


If the Lord is leading you to join Perkinsville, please complete each of the following steps.

Each step is required for membership, but does not necessarily have to be completed in any particular order.

You can be presented to the church for membership after meeting with a pastor and completing a membership application.

Meet with a pastor

Contact the Church Office at (828) 264-8605 or email to setup a meeting with a pastor if you have not done so already. These meetings are typically about an hour and give our pastors a chance to get to know you and hear your testimony. Don't think of these meetings as an interview because they are not. 

Complete a membership application

Complete the electronic application for membership below or download a PDF version of the application here. Once you have completed the PDF application, bring it to a Sunday worship service or drop it off at the Church Office Monday - Friday. The electronic application will be submitted to one of the pastors automatically. Every member of a family who is desiring membership must complete an application.

Join a Connect Class

The Connect Class is a four-week introduction to Perkinsville. The class is designed for those considering membership or have recently joined in membership. The class meets at 10 a.m. during the Sunday School hour in even-numbered months (August, October, etc.) If you would like more information about the Connect Class email You will only take the class once for a total of four weeks.

Officially join during morning worship services

Once you have completed a membership application and met with one of the pastors, you may be presented to the Church at a Sunday morning worship service. You are welcome to schedule this with a pastor, or come forward at the end of a worship service as the Lord leads you.