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Wednesday Workshops

Wednesdays at Perkinsville offer our members and the community a chance to supplement their discipleship with a variety of workshops. We offer workshops throughout the year, ranging from theological studies to practical help to prayer. Check back here regularly to see current and upcoming offerings. We always offer a prayer room, led by one of our elders, on Wednesdays at 6:00 p.m. during the regular semester schedule. 

Spring 2023
Practical Christian Living

Have you ever wondered how to find God's calling, what a calling is, or why we should work at all?  Or maybe you don't understand what a Sabbath is, if we should take a Sabbath; or on the Sabbath, should you give a tithe?  


In this 8-week class we will discuss all these questions and more.  We will discuss a wide range of topics that pertain to practical living as a Christian.  We will discuss wealth, poverty, work, vocation, Sabbath, tithing, and other topics that affect how you live with the goal of developing a Christian worldview.  


There is a short book associated with the class that would be beneficial to read, however you will still get a lot out of the class if you do not read the book.  Also, if cost is the reason that you do not purchase the book the Church can provide one for you.  


Book: Every Good Thing by David Jones


Amazon link to the book: 

The Story of Scripture

In this 8-week course we will look at the Big Story of Scripture as well as the tools necessary to properly understand and apply Scripture.


What will we do in this course?

In each meeting we will:


Who might benefit from this course?

Do you think of the Bible as one book or just a collection of 66 books? What difference does it make?

Are you a teacher or someone interested in teaching and want to better understand how to explain and apply Scripture?

Do you do OK understanding parts of the Bible that tell a straightforward account (narratives like the Gospels) but struggle to understand poetry like the Psalms or prophets like Isaiah?

Do you want to better understand how we can answer questions about our lives and the day to day things we encounter by thinking biblically?


What do I need for this course?

You will need

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