Corporate Worship 

We gather at 8:45 and 11 a.m. every Sunday morning for corporate worship. Our style of worship is uniquely Perkinsville; we don't really fit into any of the "traditional" or "contemporary" worship models. A typical morning at Perkinsville includes hymns (both ancient and modern), songs, the recitation of Psalms, scripture, and corporate prayers. We center our corporate worship on the hearing and preaching of the Word. We center our corporate worship on the following pillars:

Expository preaching. We preach through books of the Bible to allow the text to speak for itself


Theological fidelity. Everything we say, sing, and do during corporate worship must convey biblical and theological truth.


Congregational singing. We are not interested in performance or production. The aim of all of our music is congregational singing.

Personal Worship

Christians are called to a life of worship, not just an event on the Lord's Day. Your personal and family worship pattern is formative in all of life and contributes greatly to the corporate worship of the church. Whether you have never worshiped personally (although you probably have), or whether you are disciplined in nightly family worship, we want to support you in your walk. There are a number of excellent resources available to you, but a great place to begin for personal worship is available by clicking here.














If you would like a resource for family worship, consider Don Whitney's recent book, Family Worship, available for purchase on Amazon by clicking here.

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