Local & Global Missions

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Some of our partnerships worldwide...

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Boone, NC

Boston, MA

Bishops University, Quebec

Bangalore, India

Church Planting

Boone: our back door.


More than 70% of the local population identifies as something other than evangelical Christian, which means that most people you pass on the streets of Boone do not have a relationship with Christ. We have three pockets of lostness at our back door. This is why our local missions strategy is based on simple and reproducible ways of sharing the gospel with people. We train and expect our members to live on mission and always be ready to have a gospel conversation. Members must live on mission locally to be considered for mission opportunities globally.

We provide weekly opportunities to live on mission locally.

Beyond: the rest of the world.


We have strategic partnerships with church planters who serve in areas of significant lostness (like places where only .3% of the population identifies as evangelical Christian). Our partnerships provide us with long-term and trusted relationships.

We regularly take teams to serve with our strategic partners across the world. Members must first demonstrate a commitment to living on mission locally to be considered for service globally.

We also offer "cross-cultural ministry" opportunities with other partners (Guatemala and Canada). These cross-cultural ministry trips are typically sponsored by our ministry teams and have less requirements than our strategic partner trips.

Church planting: what its all about.


Our missions strategy is focused on church planting and revitalization in Boone and Beyond. We have a church planting residency, church planting internship, and a direct sending for church planting.

Whether a member is considering work in Boone or Beyond, we equip and send our members to make disciples and plant churches in various and diverse contexts.